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  • UF01 2017

    UF 01


    Lviv reg., Ukraine

    22 JUL 2017 – 5 AUG 2017

  • UF02 2017

    UF 02


    Khmelnytskyi reg., Ukraine

    6 AUG 2017 – 19 AUG 2017

  • UF03 2017

    UF 03


    Rivne reg., Ukraine

    13 AUG 2017 – 26 AUG 2017





July 22- August 05 2017
Lviv region





This project is included to European Heritage Volunteers Partner Projects for 2017
The village Pidkamin (translatable into English as "below the rock stone") takes its name from an inselberg called the "Devil's Rock", which is located on an adjacent hill.  The land in the village and around it is full of piety. The rock stone in pre-Christian times served as a kind of talisman to protect people from evil. With the adoption of Christianity, here was located the temple-fortress. Opposite the rock on a hill was located a Dominican monastery which made. Pidkamin known.  Legend says that it once sheltered 12 monks fleeing Kyiv in 1234 when it was ravaged by Mongols. They built a chapel and set up a cross but did not survive long. The Mongol invasion reached their village, the shrine was destroyed and the monks were killed. Pidkamin and the monastery of the Dominican Order are first mentioned in records from the 15th century. A century later the town was attacked once again and the monastery was demolished. It was restored to its present form in the 17-18th centuries and preserved till now in half ruined state. The Dominican Monastery today belongs to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. At present there are 2 monks and one priest living in the monastery, who are working in order to renovate this holly place. The state does not allocate any funds for restoration while the walls continue to crumble, so NGOs and private companies are helping the monks. NGOs organize volunteer camps where young people from different countries come to help the monks restore the church. Private companies provide technical assistance.
Volunteers are welcome to make their input in historical and cultural heritage protection. The work might include renovation and readjustment of cultural and historical objects on the territory of the monastery,  interior and exterior manual works, cleaning up historic well (removing soil and ‘historic layers’),  other maintenance works on the territory and inside, mapping, photofixation, measurements.
Pidkamin is an urban-type village in Brody district, Lviv region. 70 miles from European Union border (Poland), 62 miles from Lviv
Accommodation is on the territory of the monastery in one of the buildings. Beds and basic facilities provided. Sleeping bag needed. Food  provided. 
Meeting place  will be in Lviv, UKRAINE
Volunteers may arrive directly to Lviv. International airport code LWO (direct low-cost WIZZAIR flights; easy to reach by train/bus from Krakow/Rzeszow/Warsaw, superfast and budget intercity train from and to Przemyśl, Poland). Or Kiev (IEV or KBP) by one of numerous WIZZAIR low cost flights and then take train to Lviv. Detailed information will come with info sheet not later then 4 weeks before camp start date.

Camp language is English.

Leisure activities will include sightseeing and excursions in the town and area around (castles, old monasteries, trip to the lake), international evening and entertaining activities within group. Excursion in Lviv is also planned. Lviv is the city of Lions, which centre is recognized as UNESCO heritage and is under it protection, “cultural capital” of Ukraine, number one of “Worth seeing” cities in Ukraine according to world travel guides.

Plans and games ideas for interactive work with children, something for presentation of your country, good spirit and will to work with children.

UF 02 Medieval Bastion

August  6 - August  19 2017
Khmelnytskyi reg
Medzhybіzh State Historical-Cultural Reserve.
This will be the second year of the camp. We decided to continue it in 2017 because of great success and very positive feedback from international volunteers. The camp will be located in a village Medzhibozh, Khmelnytskyi region, in the western part of Ukraine. The first mention about the village dates back in 1146.


Medzhybizh Fortress – a monument of fortification architecture of the XVI century, made in the Renaissance style. The significant landmark was built on a cape formed by the rivers Southern Bug and Buzhok.  In 2001 the castle has received the status of the State Historical and Cultural  Reserve. Since 2004 the castle is the center of Ukrainian historical festival "Ancient Medzhybizh" which annually takes place at the end of August. During the festival days in the castle live knights, archers, princesses and mythical heroes. There is a museum in the territory of the castle. The new exposition of Medzhybіzh museum includes ethnography, history and icon painting, Memorial Museum of victims of Holodomor 1932-1933 (in Podilia region) and exhibition halls. Today Medzhybіzh is interesting not only by its ancient castle, which attracts the tourists from the whole world.
Volunteers will be engaged in archaeological and restoration work on the territory of fortress and possibly in a castle, including but not limited to. Medzhybizh work Medzhybizh Castle, doing different work: the archaeological works on fortification walls, archaeological digging, possible some renovation works.
Located in the village Medzhybizh, Khmelnytskyi region, at the confluence of the rivers Buzhok and Southern Bug, 30 km east of Khmelnytskyi.
Volunteers will be accommodated in tents in the territory of the fortress. Sleeping bag needed.  Food will be provided. Beds and basic facilities are available including free Wi-Fi.
Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine. Volunteers would need to arrive to Kyiv or Lviv and then take a train. Our camp leader will be travelling from Lviv, so if you wish to join camp leader in the trip to camp - please arrive a day earlier- on August 5.  Detailed information about meeting place, how to get there from Kyiv or Lviv and other useful info will come with infosheet not later than 4 weeks before start date. 
nearest international airports are Lviv (LWO) and Kyiv (KBP)
Camp language is English. The researchers working at this reserve will do interesting excursions and workshops / master classes for volunteers. For student studying archaeology administration of reserve is ready to provide a certificate about participating in the archaeological field work. Leisure activities will include sightseeing and excursions in the town and the region, international evenings and entertaining activities within group.


August 13 – August  26   2017
Rivne region
This will be a summer language children camp (English). All together there will be around 25-30 children from different social and ethnic background including those from low-income families (economically disadvantaged) and from inner refugees (those moved from conflict zone). The camp for children is sponsored by Volodymyrets District Collegium (primary and secondary school). It will take place on Collegium’s recreation camp site among pine forests on the shore of beautiful and clean water lake,  equipped with wooden bungalows and all the facilities.

The aim of the camp is to provide educational and healthy recreation opportunities to children. Among the other ideas of the camp are integration of different social groups, promotion of mutual understanding and tolerance, development of interpersonal communication, socialization and informal education of children.

Volunteers are welcome to join this camp and bring their international spirit to encourage children to learn about the other cultures, to get children motivated to learn English (because having the possibility to use it with for international communication the lessons of English at school is a sort of “dead” subject without an interest to learn it).

Volunteers will have a chance to share their enthusiasm, knowledge, experience with children, who in their turn will help volunteers to discover multicolour Ukraine.

Volunteers will be divided between different children age groups (12-15 years old) and will assist the tutors in different educational and leisure activities: workshops, competitions, sports, walks, parties, campfire, dancing, swimming in the lake, boating etc. .  Informal teaching will run in form of games, songs, performances, arts&crafts. Volunteers should expect to be engaged in work with children from morning to evening, while we believe it will be much more pleasure then duty 
Recreation camp located 20 km from Volodymyrets (Rivne region), 20 miles from Byelorussia and 100 miles from EU border.
comfortable bungalows, all facilities available separately on the territory of camp site. in premises with all facilities. NO need in sleeping bag. Food provided.
if travel by airplane arrive either  Kyiv (KBP or IEV)  or Lviv (LWO) and then by train. Low-cost WIZZAIR flights available.  If travel by bus or train from Europe- arrive in Lviv. Our campleader will be travelling from Lviv, so if you wish to join camp leader- please arrive a day earlier- on August 12. Detailed information (Infosheet) with trip advices and meeting place travel routes will come not later than 4-5 weeks before start date. 
Kyiv (KBP or IEV)  or Lviv (LWO)
Good level of English. Motivation letter. 


    Поштова адреса: а/с 2114
    Львів, 79007
    032 2554934
    0997574839, 0688439756
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    РОБОЧИЙ ЧАC: з Пн по Пт з 11.00 до 18.00