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The Alliance and its accessing and sustainability campaigns

What is the Alliance?

The Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations is an International Non-Governmental Youth Organisation that represents national organisations which promote intercultural education, understanding and peace through voluntary service.

The Alliance, founded in 1982, is presently made up of full, associate and candidate members in 28 countries worldwide.

Each member organisation runs an annual programme of International Voluntary Projects in their own country and exchanges volunteers with each other following the Alliance Quality Charter that stresses on the added value of volunteering, its educational aspect and on following quality standards agreed by members.

We do this by hosting volunteers from other members on projects in our countries and by sending our volunteers on their projects across the world.

As Alliance members we co-operate with members and partners of the network in order to provide the highest quality experiences for volunteers and the greatest impact for the communities that work with.

We do this in the following ways

  • Coming together annually for our Technical Meeting in order to share experiences and strengthen out partnerships and technical co-operation for the exchanging of volunteers.
  • Creating joint projects and tools to develop our staff and volunteers; such as communication training, impact measurement tools.
  • Developing joint campaigns to promote the values and goals of our network

What are the campaigns of the Alliance?

Each year the Alliance decides on a number of campaigns at it’s General Assembly that takes place in the Autumn.

These campaigns are a way for our members to work together to help promote ad develop the goals and values of the network and it’s members.

Environmental Sustainability Campaign

The International Campaign for Sustainability in Voluntary Service is part of the Alliance network’s effort to raise awareness and educate for a sustainable, just and equal society. As stated in the Alliance Sustainability Policy Paper the campaign aims at sensitizing and empowering its organisations and volunteers through providing methodologies that will help them adopt the principles of the campaign.

It furthermore wants to stress and strengthen the impact of voluntary service projects on environment and society. In the long run the campaign aims at feeding a social change towards sustainability, to achieve changes in policies and new measures that improve the chances for sustainability in our countries and communities. It strives for giving a message to society that a change towards sustainability is possible and necessary.

Actions include

  • Production of a tool-kit and educational materials for volunteers, project leaders and local hosts
  • Information raising actions such as Energy Free Day and Cook for Climate Day promoted also through its Facebook page
  • Incorporation of worldwide events as well as networking efforts through thematic highlights such as “IVS against Climate Change” in 2015.

Accessing Campaign

The accessing campaign is meant to raise awareness, encourage and support IVS organisations to participate in inclusion work. The main goal of the campaign is to diversify the profile of participants in workcamps.

Based on the principles of the Alliance Accessing Policy Paper, the campaign recognizes that taking part in an international volunteering project can play an important role in the personal and social development of volunteers and aims to make this opportunity available to a wider range of participants. It also recognizes that all participants can benefit when a workcamp is made up of a diverse group of volunteers. The campaign proposes the organisations to develop their communication and pedagogical methods in order to better involve volunteers from diverse social origins, facing specific difficulties or presenting special needs.

The Campaign and actions of the working group responsible for it include

  • Development of preparation and evaluation tools outgoing volunteers
  • Development of information and support to organisations hosting volunteers
  • Actions which seek to increase the amount of volunteers from a diverse range of backgrounds that take part in international volunteering
  • Creation of a camp list, where the organisations can share the target groups that can be included in the activity.

For more information about the Alliance visit   http://www.alliance-network.eu or contact your local organisation


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