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Creative Space EVS Попередній

Country: Hungary

The 3rd edition of Creative Space EVS has been again great success in 2014. Five volunteers (Zuzana, Mariia, Maria, Katrina and Fedor) coming from 5 countries (Czech Republic, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia and Russia) committed themselves for 7 months to create a small international community living in Hollókő and supporting Creative Space in its grassroot youth work mission: create equal opportunities for children and youth in Nógrád county, one of the poorest region in Hungary. This EVS group organized English speaking action-based creative workshops in 5 villages (Rimóc, Nagylóc, Nógrádszakál, Endrefalva, Varsány), as well they supported local communities in severa ways.

Objectives of EVSers activities:

  • organize daily English speaking creative workshops in after school clubs to children and youth
  • giving information about Youth in Action and other EU possibilities,
  • support local initiatives of youth, Creative Space and other local NGOs
  • act as co-creator in the 4th International Voluntary Camp
  • create media materials about EU topics
  • maintain the busy international community center: Creative Space

Creative Space is the only EVS accredited organisation in Nógrád county therefore the 5 volunteers had their uniqe role in the area to provide international events for the local communities and be an example of active European citizens. With the professional support of Creative Space staff EVS volunteers became more confident and responsbile, acquired and practiced 21st century professional and life skills, made decision on their own future. The project supported all of them to move forward in their professional and personal lives, they went through real-life experiences, did high quality youth work which enabled them to decide what education or profession they want to go on. They all succeeded to get into new university, or start a new job, one of them even settled in Hungary.

This EVS project is a unique opportunity for EVS volunteers as well as for local children and youth. Everyone who is connected to the project have the chance to be involved non-formal learning, know more about possibilties in the EU, start new initiatives. Local community highly appreciates the volunteers contribution and since 2012 the project became part of the life of the Szécsény micro-region and its importance is constantly increasing in the area by unlocking new potential in each project.



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